Bria vinaite on building a successful business through social media


Interview by Bethany Marshall

Hey Bria we’ve been so excited for your interview! Introduce yourself to our readers…

I’m Bria! I’m from NYC, 23, I’m super hyper all the time, and I’m the CEO of ChroniCal Designs!

Was there one definite moment where the idea of ChroniCal Designs was conceived or was it a series of things leading up to it?

I would say it was a series of things that led up to me starting the company. In 2013 I had made myself an outfit to wear for a night out; it was high – waisted  weed print leggings with a matching crop top. I posted pictures online and a few girls asked me where I got the outfit from, once I told them I had made it myself they started asking if I could make them something similar. I started getting a few orders, and friends around me suggested I turned it into a business, and slowly but surely it started from there!


So you recently moved back to New York from Miami. What inspired you to move to 305 and then move back to NYC?

I felt like I needed a change of pace. I love NY so much, and I wanted to see if I could love someplace else just as much. Turns out I can’t lol! I hate the cold so that was definitely a huge factor in the move, but I’d much rather deal with the cold then live somewhere I wasn’t truly happy. The turnaround time for production was way slower and I just felt like I was being held back from my true potential. Also most of my friends live in NY so I felt kind of lonely in Miami.

You’re still so young, but have such a successful business. What has been your biggest struggle as an independent business owner?

Honestly it sounds silly but it’s hard to have so many titles and still try to balance a personal life. I’m the only one who makes sure things are running smoothly. That the inventory is on point, that orders are getting out, marketing, keeping tabs on things like when to order more shipping supplies and posting on social media. I’m still learning so much, I make mistakes all the time but I try to be transparent about them. I want people to know I’m still learning every day, what works, what doesn’t. I can’t wait until I’m able to hire employees and really kick the company off the right way!

Your brand is focused largely around Weed. What do you have to say to those opposed to the plant?

I totally understand that to some people weed is an extremely touchy subject. Sometimes I feel like some people almost look down on my line because its focused on weed so much. But it doesn’t bother me, because I know how many people marijuana helps daily, including myself. I suffer from anxiety, and when I smoke I feel a sense of peace that nothing else can bring me. I know tons of people who use marijuana for medical reasons, so for those who oppose, just look into the medical benefits, and you might have a change of heart!

Kehlani was recently photographed wearing ChroniCal Designs in JAMAICA, congrats we see you out here grinding! Who else would you absolutely love to see wearing your clothing and why?

Thank you so much! I absolutely love her and I was so excited to see her in my swim! My number one person I would love to see ChroniCal on is Rihanna. She is such a care free, bad ass, inspiring, independent woman, and I will fan girl sooooo hard the day she wears my stuff!


Your Instagram is so funny! Your hilarious videos and memes are what first got our attention. Do you think social media has had a big influence on the success of your brand?

Social media has definitely helped my brand become successful! It’s kind of funny because a lot of people find out about my clothing line just by finding my silly videos. If that's what works I guess I have to keep cracking jokes every single day lol. I also find it way easier to reach out to people I look up to through Instagram than anywhere else. You’d be surprised who actually checks their DM’s and answers!



Many notorious entrepreneurs have a ‘exit strategy’. Once you achieve everything you want to with ChroniCal Designs, do you have any other creative projects you want to pursue?

For sure! Ideally I want a few different businesses under my belt. Once ChroniCal is successful enough that I can take a step back, I want to start another fashion related business. Not a clothing line but more of a place to find absolutely anything you’re looking for. I also want to pursue writing and acting. Honestly absolutely anything in any creative field gets me excited! I just want to create for the rest of my life.

Which city would you want to be home of the first ChroniCal Designs store?

San Francisco touches my heart in a way that nowhere else does, my first store would most likely be there or in NYC.



What is the most important piece of advice you would give to your 13 year old self?

Oh goddddddd I was such a bad kid when I was younger. I would tell myself to trust my gut. When situations don’t feel right it’s because they’re not… And it’s easy to lose hope, so I would tell little me that no matter what the situation is, to never give up and always know when you work hard and believe in yourself on an almost crazy level, you’re gonna’ make it!

What is the ultimate goal for Bria as an individual and business owner?

I want to inspire women to be entrepreneurs. I want to build something so big and beautiful, something that no one imagined I could do by myself. I want to give myself the life I always dreamed of when I was a little girl. I want to see my hard work changing lives of others on a daily basis. I want to create job opportunities, and be able to hire creatives which other companies might see ‘unfit’ because of their appearance. I want ChroniCal to become a multi-million dollar company. I want to travel the world and spread positivity and confidence and love to others. ChroniCal’s success is just the start of my empire! I can’t wait until all my other ideas become reality as well!