How Recycling and Reworking Vintage Pieces is Reducing Kiki the Brands Carbon Footprint

Interview by Katy Sadé Adebayo

Let’s set the scene, how did you start your business? Was there a defining moment that pushed you to do it?

I started my business in the summer of 2017. I was honestly so tired of working as a server and even more tired of buying clothes when I could easily just make them for myself. So one day I decided to use all of my tip money and buy fabrics to start creating! My friends and followers really liked my work and supported me from the very start. By January 2018, I quit my job and started working for myself full-time!


What inspires you to keep creating?

Honestly, my passion to see women wear whatever they want to wear. I want to create pieces that fits every women in the way that makes them feel the most confident, whether it's a handmade piece or a reworked piece!

How do you deal with demotivation or lack of inspiration?

I've learned to just let myself be, meaning I won't push myself or force myself to create if I feel uninspired.... I can't create when I feel that way. But, although I might not force myself to create, I do surround myself with things that will inspire me. When I surround myself around things that inspire me, it all comes back very easily.


Let’s talk financial literacy - how do you ensure you’re keeping on top of taxes, and business costs, while still making a profit ?

I just try my hardest to be as organized as possible by keeping track of my purchases for my business + the profit. It definitely isn't easy since my business has very high demands from customers but still such a small team but we make it work very well!

The future of fashion is sustainable - what does this mean for your brand ?

I 100% agree that the future of fashion is sustainable! This actually means a lot to my brand. The majority of my pieces on my site are either handmade or reworked by my small team and I. By having such a small team and not a factory that mass manufactures our product is not only ethical but it also saves our environment. By reworking/upcycling vintage pieces, we are giving a new life to an original piece of clothing. Sustainable fashion is making its mark on the world and I absolutely love it!


What can we expect to see from you in the next 12 months?

There is so much in the works for KIKI. We plan on completely rebranding inside and out, we are working on our first campaign, and the rest can't be spoken about just yet *wink wink* but I know that it will not dissapoint.

Are there any brands or individuals that you’d like to put a spotlight on?

I absolutely adore @raquelgenae, she is such a beautiful person inside and out. Raquel is such an asset to the girl boss community. Not only is she a BOSS but she makes it a goal to help other women become the best versions of themselves and it all comes naturally! She is a force to be reckoned with and definitely one to watch